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Best boat tours to take while travelling in Canada

There’s nothing like a day on the water – the marine wildlife, the coolness, its colour, and the scenery visible from a vessel will give you an experience you won’t soon forget.

 In this post, we’ll talk about a few boat tours in Canada you won’t want to miss while on vacation in this country.

 1) Tofino Hot Springs Tour

 Situated at the western edge of Canada on Pacific Coast of Vancouver Island, the town of Tofino is most commonly known for being a surfing haven. However, those who aren’t into such athletic endeavours can do more than just admire the mountain and ocean scenery, as there are boat tours available that will take you into the midst of it.

 There is one tour we recommend to all travellers, though – the hot springs tour. While it may not specifically pursue whale and other wildlife encounters, there are so many of these creatures in the area that you very well may end up seeing some along on your boat ride.

The focal point, as suggested by its name, is an island famous for thermal springs located on an island in Clayoquot Sound. After landing on its shores, a two-kilometre long hike through the temperate rainforest will be all that separates you from one of the most luxurious soaks of your life.

Best boat tours

 Unlike commercial spas, the water that comes out of the earth is hot and unfiltered, emptying into a series of natural rock pools. Its narrow, small footprint means you may have to take turns, but your time in these coastal baths will be nothing short of magical.

 After arriving back from this seven-hour tour, you will likely end up having a quiet evening in. Don’t let any of this spoil your fun, though – thanks to the internet, you can still have a fun time playing games from the comfort of your own room.

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 2) Maligne Lake Tours

 Think you’re through with boat tours until you reach the East Coast? Prepare to be surprised, as the Canadian Rockies is home to a pair of boat tours – one in Banff National Park, and the other in Jasper National Park.

 If you are limited in time or funds, though, we recommend taking Maligne Lake Tours in Jasper National Park. On this 1 1/2 hour boat journey, you’ll drive into the midst of a box canyon, a rare geological feature that will see you surrounded on three sides by some of the prettiest snow-capped mountains you’ll ever see in your life.

 The destination on this trip is Spirit Island, which is actually a peninsula in all but a couple months per year. Regardless of when you see it, though, its beauty will enchant you, so don’t forget the camera in the car!

 3) Western Brook Pond Boat Tour

 Eastern Canada may not have much in the way of lofty peaks, but on the coast of Western Newfoundland, there are highlands that come close to this standard. Within the bounds of Gros Morne National Park, there is a lake which used to be an ocean fjord. Alas, it dried up aeons ago, creating a freshwater lake hemmed in by the table-flat peaks of the Long Range Mountains.

 A company named Bon Tours offers boat tours on one of the purest lakes in Eastern Canada, taking into the heart of this land-locked fjord. If you are the athletic type, this boat will drop you off at the trailhead of a backcountry hike; otherwise, you’ll have to content yourself with sights of waterfalls pouring off the fjord walls and the heartwarming tales told by your guides.

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